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Meet the DancingFish Team

Hello everyone! Thank you for following our journey with DancingFish thus far. We want to introduce ourselves to you a little more fully.

Meet Sarah: Sarah has been planning social gatherings for as long as she can remember. It's important to her that people have the opportunity to come together and connect, whether that be around a specific cause or simply doing something that they enjoy together. She's the proud mom of a little chippy pup named Pringle, and, along with Rachel, a new member of the Minneapolis music scene. She started DancingFish Events to leverage her love of community building and networking to do good in the Minneapolis community and beyond.

Meet Rachel: Rachel’s love of planning events stems from her mom’s game nights. She realized how a bowl of chips and a couple of dice can make a night that people look forward to every month. She’s a Minnesota transplant from the beautiful state of Virginia, a lover of national parks, and a folk musician. She joined Sarah on the DancingFish journey to create the type of community she moved across the country for. With Rachel, there’s no job too hard, no drive too far, and no mead too sweet.

Ready to learn more? Reach out!

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