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Outward Bound for Life

Well I'm just tickled pink to report what a great time I had on my first Outward Bound adventure this January. The scenery? 10/10. The lack of bugs? 11/10. The people? 13/10.

We backpacked in Big Bend National Park for 6 days and 5 nights (as well as a little rock climbing and a lot of driving). Here are some important takeaways from the course:

  1. Bring a star lazer pointer for optimal star party action. For example this one. Just be sure not to point it at any planes or eyeballs.

  2. Respect the cacti. Bring a good pair of tweezers with you because they're sure to get ya at least once. They're so beautiful though you can't help but forgive them.

  3. Poop high, pee low. Go uphill to poo and downhill to pee. The rain will wash away things that are in the washes more easily than things that are uphill.

  4. Bring an open mind. You never know who you'll meet and how they will change your life. How neat is that?

  5. Water is scarce in the desert. Be ready to carry more water than you think you need day to day, because you never know what a water source will look like until you reach it.

  6. The visitor center at the Chisos Basin closes for lunch between 12 pm and 1pm. If you are planning to get a national park stamp or become a Junior Ranger between these hours, think again.

  7. It's fun to be a part of a team as an adult. Many of my crew-mates had not been a part of a formal team in many years, and we had a lot of fun working together and cheering each other on.

  8. It gets cold at night. Snuggy bottles (hot water in Nalgene bottles) are a true life saver.

Many thanks to my crew-mates and instructors for making the trip incredible and so memorable. If you're interested learning more or in going on an Outward Bound course, I'm always happy to chat (and to share my family and friends discount code with ya). Just holler!

Peace, love and chow,


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