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Aww shucks I'm blushing! We have some new testimonials to share, and they're too stinking sweet.

"DancingFish has been an incredible fixture in the Mpls music scene. From photos, putting on shows, and just generally connecting/supporting people. They are a prime example of how you can move your community forward in a positive way!" - Alex, Solana and the Sunsets

“Dancing Fish is the Magikarp of the event planning world. It’s flopping around with a pathetic, helpless look on its face, but someday it will evolve into Gyarados.” - Josh, A Sunken Ship Irony (Seriously, though, thank you for all you do for the music community).

“Sarah knows when a great moment is about to happen. Always ready with her camera, she captures the emotions that connect the community in times of celebration and artistic expression. Passionate about documenting and broadcasting everything that makes Minneapolis positively unique, Sarah and DancingFish Events are an important part of our community.” - Marty, Producer, Mixer, Audio Engineer

“I’ve been impressed with the contributions Sarah and DancingFish Events make to the music scene in Minneapolis/Saint Paul. They uplift the work and voices of many twin cities musicians through their photography and social media presence.” - Emmy Woods, Musician

Thank you all, you're a pleasure to work with!

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