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Antiracist Space Review: MBP

I've been avoiding MBP for a few months despite the glowing reviews from friends because I assumed that it would be out of my price range, being a climbing gym and all. But GREAT NEWS Y'ALL!! It's not nearly as expensive as I feared! Membership includes lots of bouldering options, yoga classes, a gym space, a chill space to work, a sauna, and even free towels to borrow. I mean seriously. They even throw in free shoe rentals if you ask nicely.

I have never seen a gym take accessibility (and antiracism) so seriously before. Everything that happens at MBP seems to be intended to increase the comfort of its diverse members. The yoga studio requires shirts to be worn. At first, I was confused, having come from CorePower Yoga most recently. But then I realized that not everyone likes being around shirtless people and that requiring shirts might be a way to make the space more comfortable for people.

I've been sad lately that I'm no longer able to afford membership at CorePower Yoga ($175

/ mo). Incredibly, MBP costs about half of what CorePower costs. In addition, they have different prices for different ages. The craziest part, in my opinion, is that I know that they could charge more than they do, and yet they choose not to. I've attached the price breakdown for Feb 2023 here, though, of course, it could change anytime. I especially love the young adult discount idea.

Adult Monthly Membership (24+) : $79

Young Adult Monthly Membership (14-23) : $69

Youth Monthly Membership (13 & under): $45

Start-up Fee : $50

So this brings me to my point: a gym (ideally a community space) cannot fully commit itself to antiracism without making its prices affordable enough for historically disadvantaged and marginalized people to afford. In my opinion, MBP has succeeded on this front - its facilities are exceptionally well maintained, affordable, and welcoming.

In more good news, I hear that Minneapolis does have such an antiracist and affordable yoga studio. It's called Radiant Yoga - go check them out!

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