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Green Room Rules

Minneapolis! You have a brand new music venue. And it pretty much rocks.

As part of our work to get to know more local artists, Rachel and I have been going to as many shows at the Green Room as humanly possible. Check out the fruits of our labor here.

Some highlights include The Current’s Micro Show with Sports Team, local band The Foxgloves opening for Fimone, and our hometown heroes The Confused with their release show with Space Monkey Mafia and Scalise.

The Confused ft. Saxton

Tanner opened the Green Room in Uptown Minneapolis in early 2023 in the space that was formerly Pourhouse and previously Coup D’Etat. The venue is serving mini-Fillmore vibes with its lovely second tier of seating, as well as serving delicious buffalo cauliflower (and a full kitchen). The bar features pre-mixed cocktails. I recommend the lime-forward Limesayer if you’re a citrus fan who isn’t afraid of a little acid-forward flavor. Delicious. The small beer and wine selection is serviceable as well, and self-serve water is always available at each bar.

The venue can hold 450 people but only needs 200 or so to reach peak party vibes. The sight lines are sweet from all angles, including from the staircases that border the stage on both sides. The lighting is well thought out and effective. They really know how to set a mood and make good use of the natural light that streams into the venue for most of the day. If I had one suggestion, it would be that the music is LOUD. Like very loud. Many people look for this in their musical outings, but I prefer to be able to hear my friends (I know, hot take). Luckily for me, there is a lovely balcony/patio on the second floor that offers auditory relief.

Grab your friends, your dancing shoes, and some earplugs, and make your way to the Green Room for your next local night out. For a truly exceptional night out, get dinner at Boludo next door before the show.

For more great music outside of your standard First Ave fair, I recommend Sociable Cider Werks (find The Foxgloves there Wednesdays in April!), Aster Cafe, Curioso Coffee, Caydence Records, The Armory, IceHouse, and the upcoming revitalized Uptown Theater.

1. Tabby (@averypalehipster)

2. The Green Room stage

3 & 4. The Foxgloves at Green Room in March 2023.

5. Scalise

6. buckra's nightmare (@ghaisguevara)

Peace, love and dancing,


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