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Well shiiiiiiit. Maggie Rogers absolutely destroyed Minneapolis last night.

Some of her best moments were: first, asking all the single people in the crowd to raise their hands and asking us to look around at all of the hot, single people in the crowd. Next, Maggie's "I'm Speaking" moment: when she was expressing heartfelt love for the crowd, this one guy was yelling some compliments at her. She totally called him out and asked him to stop yelling and to listen. She reflected that the world would be a better place if more men took the time to listen. The crowd absolutely lost their shit. And finally, Maggie restarted two separate songs after messing up the lyrics once (or twice). She was so sweet about it, and the crowd just seemed to love her more for it.

My other big takeaway was how much fun Maggie was having. She was living her dream and seemed genuinely elated to be doing it and to have us there with her. I felt very loved and seen by the performer, which is rare. She stuck to her set list most of the time and didn't chat with us too much, but when she did chat it felt meaningful. 13/10 performance.

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