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Coastal Maine Food Review

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

This weekend was my 5th college reunion at Bowdoin College. There’s a lot to unpack from the weekend, but before we do that, let’s do a Maine Food Review.

Let’s start with my old haunt and former employer, Wild Oats Bakery. To say that this bakery is on point would be to vastly undersell it. Their curried tempeh salad is absolutely to die for. The addition of pickled onions to their menu is enlightened. This was the perfect weekend for me to visit, because they were also doing a fundraiser for another of my former employers, Oasis Free Clinics. The ED at Oasis, Anita, is the reason I got my MPH. Cupcakes for a Cause was a success, and I have to say that the buttercream frosting at Wild Oats really puts other frostings to shame.

Next, I have to highlight my longtime heartthrob, The Gelato Fiasco. I truly don’t know how they manage to make their gelato so fresh and vibrant, but it is pure magic. Strawberry balsamic is my long time favorite flavor, and it did not disappoint. They also have a gelato truck which we saw at the Eastern Prom in Portland, which is very fun.

As part of reunion, Bowdoin brought food trucks to campus, and I was excited to try a charcuterie box from The Portland Board. With absolutely delicious and locally sourced components, this board exceeded my already high expectations. I was especially enamored with the crackers, which I believe are from Mill Cove Baking Co.

I also visited the new gluten-free bakery in Brunswick, The Butchers and Bakers. On the old site of Wild Oats, it’s great to have a new cafe and bakery in downtown Brunswick.

Last but not least, I have to give a quick shout-out to Standard Baking Co. in Portland. They have some of the finest gluten-full bread I’ve had anywhere. And of course, Bowdoin Dining pulled out all of the stops for the reunion itself! Thank you for everything, Bowdoin Dining <3

Until next time,

A very full Sarah

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